Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's go! Batter up!

I had the day off! So, after a bit of shopping, getting plenty of stares, and wasting time waiting for my mom ... we went to the Dodgers' game! We left Nina's after six and got to the Stadium about 6:30. We got to our seats about ten minutes before first pitch. Russell was warming up with Lowe in left field, in front of us. Mind you, we were in the reserve level seating. But hey, they were free tickets. Anyway, there weren't too many people around at the time. Russell and Lowe went into the bullpen and so I started taking pictures of the other players warming up. Then it was time for the Star-Spangled Banner. When the Dodgers took the field, a bunch of little kids got to run out there and get an autograph from the players. It was so cute. I saw that on a televised game once, and didn't know what was going on! While Angelina, Nina and I were making a food run, Russell missed throwing a ball and Lowe fell trying to get it. And Roberts hit a home run. That might've been during Angelina and I getting ice cream.

Since the group I went with was much younger, the other three got trading cards, since everyone fourteen and under received them at tonight's game. The pack says if any of the players in the pack hits a home run during the game, the kid gets a free ticket. Well, Russell hit a double and Nina goes, "Yay! I get a free ticket." Angelina and I look at her like, "uhh what are you talking about?" We tell her, he hit double, not a home run.

More blond moments from Nina. She could never see where the ball was. Granted, it can be difficult ... but she's got a big mouth to go with the bad eyes. For example, one of the Giants hit a pop fly. She says, "I see it! I see it! It's foul." Guess what? It was pop fly to shallow right, which was caught. Then there was a moment when a Giant struck out. She goes, "where's the ball? where's the ball?" thinking it went outfield or foul or something. I tell her, "it's a strike. Where do you think the ball is?" And lastly, as a Giant was running in to score, she started cheering. Again, Angelina and I are giving her the "are you crazy" look. We both asked her, "Nina, why are you cheering? The Giants just scored." Her response: "Oh, I thought they got him out at the plate." I told her, "the ball's in right field. He scored."

These guys came in late to the game. One of the guys tells his friend, "be careful, don't spill your drink." What does he do then? Spills his beer. Which wouldn't have been all that bad ... had the spill not created a puddle under Angelina and Nina's seat ... getting not only their shoes wet, but Angelina's purse. And they didn't have the decency to tell us that they spilled. Jerks. Not only that, they later on got mad when the Giants changed pitchers after just changing pictures. They used very colorful language then. So, what did we do? Stand up in the bottom of the ninth inning and probably blocked their view.

My favorite plays? Well... there's the moment where Russell got forced out at second. But he slid, causing the second baseman to miss his window of opportunity if he wanted to reach for a double play on Ethier. Then there's when Furcal slid into home. Nice slide. And Gonzo making a great catch in left ... almost needed to slide there. It's tough trying to remember everything hours after the game ended. Makes me wish I had a laptop or notebook. But, I'd be too busy trying to take some decent pictures to do anything. LOL. At one point, I got frustrated because people were walking by in the aisle. And every time they did that, my camera would have to refocus on whoever I was taking a picture of. And then, after I'd take the picture, I'd have to figure out where I'm looking at.

Russell's night - 2 for 4, with one double, one run scored.
Tonight's attendance : 44,001
Tonight's picture count: (not done going through them yet. Once I'm done, I'll post the stats)
Russell - 149
Nomar - 61
Andre - 34 pics
Furcal - 38
ETC - 48
Videos - 10
Total files - 330

As for the blog update ... I'm at the 99th visitor! Cool! LOL maybe there should be a prize for the 100th? A Russell Martin picture ? By me? LOL. Anyway. So far, the most visitors on any given day so far is still eight. One more guys! One more!

Oh yeah ... and pictures? I'm not loading them this time around. You'll just have to mosey on over to flickr and see them for yourself. The address is:

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